Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Assessment that doesn't turn off students

Skimming reddit revealed some thoughtful blog posts about the challenges of using assessment to support student learning. I highlight the following to provide a taste of the problem. One blog author describes the difficulty of turning formative assessment into a school exercise that turns off student engagement in learning by continually teaching to student deficits. The author recommends giving students more agency through project-based learning and better tools for self-assessment. The author is careful not to abandon the school-like "diagnostic" approaches to formative assessment entirely. Achieving a balance between diagnostic and self-guided assessment seems to be the goal to best support student learning.

Latest in CCSF Turnaround

Latest report from the Community College Times shows that the City College of San Francisco has identified a long-term "interim" chancellor to right the ailing college district, and appointed a "special trustee" who has the power to overturn board decisions.